February Love Sale - LEGO Harry Potter: 4 Privet Drive Residence Establish (75968 ) - Mother's Day Mixer:£46

February Love Sale - LEGO Harry Potter: 4 Privet Drive Residence Establish (75968 ) - Mother's Day Mixer:£46


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February Love Sale - LEGO Harry Potter: 4 Privet Drive Residence Establish (75968 ) - Mother's Day M - Lego Harry Potter Sets

The playset's Avengers Tower evaluates over 6" (16cm) high. Has 223 parts.
Variety of Pieces:223.

Children can develop as well as role-play plenty of epic action tales as they coordinate with the Avengers to quit Loki coming from swiping the Tesseract.
The Avengers are actually right here to conserve the planet! Assist Iron Male, Thor, Giant and also Leader Marvel quit the evil Loki coming from taking the all-powerful Tesseract from the Marvel Avengers Tower. Hunt Loki in his quick eco-friendly glider with Leader Wonder's amazing red Quinjet, yet beware as he shoots! Capture Loki and also lock him up in the Tower and keep him under monitoring on the monitor.
Components quick and easy to build Avengers Tower, Captain Wonder's Quinjet, Loki's glider, plus Tesseract artefact as well as add-ons.

This property specified for youngsters 4+ years of ages consists of Starter Bricks, thus even much younger children can experience the joy of innovative building and construction.
Leader Marvel is actually all set for action when you apply her safety helmet and also position her in the Quinjet's cabin, as Iron Man takes flight about with his plane boots, Thor pulls down the power of lights and tosses his magical hammer as well as Hulk wrecks the wall surface. The LEGO Marvel Avengers Rage of Loki (76152) prepared opens the Marvel world along with cool lorries and outstanding characters to encourage limitless innovative role-play. Little superheroes may enact settings from the movies or even produce their own accounts and also journeys, after that happily display their production.
Includes 5 LEGO minifigures: Iron Male along with 'stream-jet' exhaust, Thor along with a hammer as well as sword, Giant, Leader Marvel & Loki with textile peninsulas.
Leader Wonder puts her headgear on and releases her plane, Hunk begins throwing bricks and Loki fires discs from his glider attempting to escape!
Grow older:4+.
Perfect for youngsters aged 4 and also as much as find out to create as well as cultivate abilities that will certainly last a life-time, while growing their peace of mind so they're ready for the next LEGO difficulty. With unique Beginner Bricks and straightforward building manual, even novice home builders can easily experience the delight of building this exciting superhero prepared all on their own.