Exclusive Offer - LEGO Friends Stephanie's Ballet Dice TOY (41670 ) - Friends and Family Sale-A-Thon:£7

Exclusive Offer - LEGO Friends Stephanie's Ballet Dice TOY (41670 ) - Friends and Family Sale-A-Thon:£7


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Exclusive Offer - LEGO Friends Stephanie's Ballet Dice TOY (41670 ) - Friends and Family Sale-A-Thon - Lego Friends Sets

Integrates along with the 75953 Hogwarts? Whomping Willow? for even much bigger Harry Potter? journeys.
Features a boat with dangling lantern.

Spot the students in the boat and cruise to Hogwarts? castle.
The Great Venue features dining tables, head dining table with chairs, hearth, 2 relatively easy to fix property advertisements and 4 'floating' candlesticks, food items (chicken leg, ice cream and also a little covered), mops, trophy mug as well as a teapot.
Take on legendary scenes from the Harry Potter? movies.
Hogwarts? Great Lobby measures over 14" (37cm) high, 11" (30cm) wide as well as 7" (18cm) deep-seated.
Dive Fawkes? into struggle as well as aid Harry war the giant Basilisk basilisk.
Travel to Harry Potter? 75954 Hogwarts? Great Hall for enjoyable and also wonderful journeys! Round up for a treat in the Great Venue and the sorting service, at that point attract wands for a duel with Draco Malfoy?. Climb up the relocating staircases to explore the Grand Stairs high rise, master the craft of potions in the class, find altering reflections in the Mirror of Erised? and aid Harry, Hermione as well as Ron war the heinous Basilisk as well as defeat God Voldemort ?!
Extra aspects feature 7 wands, 3 tumblers, a sunshade, lantern, sweeper, sorting hat, cauldrons, potions, candlesticks, 2 wizard mops, food, prize, teapot, breast and a crawler.
4-level tower attributes moving Grand Stairs spin measures at its bottom, potions area, prize space along with breast as well as a belfry including the Mirror of Erised? with adjustable images and also roosting location for Fawkes?.
Welcome the new trainees with Hagrid? and also Professors Dumbledore? as well as McGonagall?.
Attributes the buildable Great Hall and a high rise.
Features 10 minifigures: Harry Potter?, Ron Weasley?, Hermione Granger?, Draco Malfoy?, Susan Bones, Lecturer McGonagall?, Lecturer Quirrell with dual God Voldemort? skin, Hagrid?, Albus Dumbledore? as well as Almost Brainless Nick, plus buildable Basilisk and also Fawkes? creatures, and Hedwig? and Scabbers? bodies.
Assist Hermione and Susan develop wonderful potions.
Feast in the Great Hall as well as make use of the arranging hat to choose the pupils' properties!
Make use of the magic wands to pitch Harry versus Draco in the Dueling Nightclub!
Transform Quirinus Quirrell right into Lord Voldemort? by turning his mind!
Look in to the Mirror of Erised? with Ron and transform account.