Distress Sale - Barbie Captain Babysitters Bathtime Playset - Off:£13

Distress Sale - Barbie Captain Babysitters Bathtime Playset - Off:£13


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Distress Sale - Barbie Captain Babysitters Bathtime Playset - Off:£13 - Barbie Dolls

Made with vivid colours and Barbies trademark type.
Larger dollies may certainly not stand up alone.

Perfect for inducing little ones creativities.
Perfect for activating youngsters creative imaginations.
Barbie Captain Babysitters Inc. figurines and also playsets allow youngsters be actually the baby sitter along with a Skipper or good friend toy, a little one or toddler toy as well as home furniture as well as accessories matched to timeless youth seconds. Pick from babysitting sets themed to, bathroom instruction, a baby stroller walk or bathtime. Each has an exciting function to include creativity to storytelling: the potty flips to show instruction success, the stroller acquires the exciting rolling along with working steering wheels as well as a playful seat and also the bathtime set makes a splash along with a tub that could be filled up along with water and a splashing kid. Along with many items to influence opportunities, little ones can play out unlimited babysitting journeys. Due to the fact that you can be everything along with Barbie, children will like discovering their initial babysitting work in their creative imaginations! Gather all the Babysitters Inc. accessories and also toys to load a childcare routine packed with enjoyable.

Shades and decors may vary.
Pack the tub with water, then press the rubber duck to produce bubbles and carry smiles.
Components: A babysitter figurine, a toddler dolly with exclusive feature, a bathtub along with bubble-making rubber ducky and also 2 extra items to encourage storytelling.
The giant rubber ducky sits on the tub's edge, a shelve keeps the plug-and-play shampoo bottle and also a towel can easily curtain over the side.