Clearance - Sure E2D Defender 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Torch. - New Year's Savings Spectacular:£93

Clearance - Sure E2D Defender 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Torch. - New Year's Savings Spectacular:£93


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Clearance - Sure E2D Defender 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Torch. - New Year's Savings Spectacular:&pou - Surefire Flashlight

Consists of high-energy 123A electric batteries with 10-year service life.
Weight w/Batteries 4.2: ozs.
Mil-Spec Hard Anodized for resilience as well as corrosion protection.

High: 1,000 Lumens/ 2.75 Hours *.
Crenellated Strike Frame? and scalloped tailcap give boosted self-defense abilities.
Dual functionality stainless-steel clip for bezel up or even down pocket storage space.
Twin Outcome (E2D Protector Ultra - E2DLU-A): The E2D Guardian? Ultra is dual-output - improved for an everyday lug fighting lighting.

Frame Dimension 1.125: inches.
TIR lense manufactures a cramping ray of light along with significant reach and also adequate encompass lighting for tangential eyesight.
Span 5.6: inches.
Low: 5 Lumens/ 63 Hrs *.

Whether you prefer the convenience of the E2D Guardian? Ultra or even the direct simpleness of the E2D Defender? Tactical, SureFire has cultivated the world-class everyday-carry military light.The Guardian stays up to its own title in even more ways than one. Machined coming from aerospace light weight aluminum, its crenellated Strike Bezel? and also scalloped rear hat switch this robust illumination tool in to a prospective effect tool, so it can easily take a beating-- or even offer one if essential. The Protector physical body additionally includes a Type III Mil-Spec hard-anodized layer for scratching as well as oxidation resistance in filthy weather or other negative environments. A boosted dual-function wallet clip brings in bezel-down or bezel-up wallet storage quick and easy also.
Output/Runtime-- White Illumination.
Item DetailsSurefire E2D Defender 1,000 Lumens Tactical LED Torch.
The dual-output E2D Protector Ultra (E2DLU-A) and also single-output E2D Guardian Tactical (E2DLU-T) take advantage of SureFire's practically unbreakable high-performance LED. The actual heart of these slimmer as well as highly effective lights, it pumps out an extreme, 1,000-lumen ray of light, specifically focused by means of our enhanced Total Inner Image (TIR) lense. That is actually lots of output to for a little while disorient essentially any type of foe as well as get a vital tactical benefit.
Solitary Outcome (E2D Protector Tactical - E2DLU-T): The E2D Protector? Tactical is actually singular result only - maximized for a day-to-day carry resisting light.
Attributes for Both Designs: Practically imperishable LED is moderated to make the most of outcome and also runtime.
With a simple click of their push-button tail limits, each Defender designs provide a continual high-output ray of light for a minimum of 2.75 hrs. The Ultra adds the extra value of dual-output ability. Clicking its tail cap two times gives a battery-saving 5 lumens, best for the most basic low-light jobs including chart analysis and also various other close-range applications. And with a continuous low-output operate opportunity of 63 hours, you can count on the Ultra to maintain you provider from sunset to sunup.