Phoenix Auto Glass – Interstate’s an Expert

Because Phoenix resides in the middle of the Sonoran desert, when performing an Phoenix auto glass install, the glass technician needs to be extra careful. The extreme summer temperatures make it challenging for the glues and resins involved in mounting a replacement windshield to set up properly and hold it in place. An expert can make all the difference.

Our experienced Phoenix auto glass technicians have replaced hundreds of windshields in these desert conditions. They fully understand the demands and the importance of making sure that you and your family’s safety will never be compromised. And all of our Phoenix auto glass technicians are NGA master certified and are ready and willing to cater to your scheduling needs. They can come to your home or work location within 24 hours, and they'll work with you to park your car in a shaded place. This will help ensure your new windshield will stay properly mounted for a long, long time. Interstate techs also use only high-quality replacement glass, OEM-grade parts, and premium Sika Urethanes—all which guarantee quality.

In our Phoenix auto glass installs, Interstate is well-accustomed to dealing with a wide variety of damage. The dry climate tends to prevent road debris from being washed away allowing cars to kick it up and into a passing cars' windshields. Everything from construction gravel to desert rocks. We are also used to handling damage from dust storms which can pock-mark a windshield enough to seriously obscure night vision. It's important for that reason to resist any temporary inconvenience and always consider getting a sandblasted windshield replaced. (Here is some information about surviving a dust storm if you happen to get caught in a bad one!)

Contact us and we can help you talk to your insurance company about a Phoenix auto glass install that could be covered by your policy. We cover windshields, side glass, back glass, sunroofs—all makes and models both foreign and domestic!

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