Labor Day Sale - Lego Maker 3-In-1 Tuk Tuk - Curbside Pickup Crazy Deal-O-Rama:£9

Labor Day Sale - Lego Maker 3-In-1 Tuk Tuk - Curbside Pickup Crazy Deal-O-Rama:£9


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Hangzhou Yuen Technology Co., Ltd.

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Labor Day Sale - Lego Maker 3-In-1 Tuk Tuk - Curbside Pickup Crazy Deal-O-Rama:£9 - Lego Creator 3 In 1

followers aged 7 and also up that really love building and having fun with automobile playthings may make use of the Tuk Tuk to present stories on their very own or incorporate it to various other LEGO playsets in their assortments for more exciting.
Have a great time on the dynamic roads of India through this thorough and also vibrantly tinted Tuk Tuk (40469) plaything vehicle. It features a host of practical information featuring front and also rear seats, dangling decors, a fire extinguisher and Indian-style lunchboxes in a pallet on the roofing system, therefore children have all they need to have to make amazing accounts. A trendy gift for kids aged 7 and also up that take pleasure in participating in out interesting scenes along with auto toys.Kids will enjoy creating exciting journeys along with this vibrant Producer Tuk Tuk buildable vehicle, including front and also back seats, hanging designs and Indian-style lunchboxes in a pallet on the rooftop.

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The Tuk Tuk measures over 3 in. (9 centimeters) high, 2 in. (6 cm) lengthy as well as 3 in. (10 cm) large-- merely the appropriate dimension to enjoy with at residence or to slide right into a bag for enjoyable on the go